by Isaiah Garcia | 12:06 pm

Most people are unaware of the importance of traffic data for effective transport planning. The main purpose of collecting traffic count data is to derive useful insights from it, which can then be leveraged in the enhancement or modification of transport infrastructure for maximum effectiveness. Transport infrastructure enhancements or modifications made, without analysing the relevant data can turn out to be meaningless and a waste of money. To permanently solve transportation problems, the root cause of it must be identified and dealt with effectively. Data generated by traffic counters are absolutely essential in accomplishing both these tasks efficiently. Traffic counters can provide all sorts of data related to transportation wherever it is deployed, like hourly distribution of traffic, periods of peak traffic and many more like these. With the importance of traffic counting increasing each day, it is high time people became aware of the types of traffic counting equipment that exist out there.

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In this article we shall discuss, what are the different kinds of traffic counting equipment available right now.

Wireless Traffic counters
With cities attracting large number of people for various reasons, real estate prices have increased dramatically. Fortunately, wireless traffic counters have made it possible for governments and various other entities, to easily install traffic counters at strategic locations in spite of marked lack of space. Since these counters mostly work on batteries, they can virtually be installed anywhere. No physical connections are required to operate these kinds of counters, thereby saving money which would otherwise have to be spent on making arrangements to install the traffic counters. Since the vast majority of traffic counters are installed topically, these counters are specially outfitted to withstand the furies of weather. Furthermore, owing to the small form factor of these wireless traffic counters, they can be used both for permanent or temporary installations as needed.

Strain activated hose vehicle counter
In many situations where traffic counters need to be employed, the solutions are often expected to be portable and power efficient. Strain activated hose vehicle counters fits the bill well for most of such situations, especially when electricity is not available. Governments love this type of traffic counters as they are extremely economical compared to the others. The strain activated hose counter, works by identifying the vehicles through its weight, when it passes over the counter. The data can be viewed directly on the display unit of the counter or by accessing it through a computer. When accessed through the computer, it is possible to assess the statistics of vehicular traffic.


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