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Chemistry is a science course, which involves the use and study of chemicals which can be in 3 forms which are GASES, SOLIDS, AND LIQUID. We use chemistry in our daily lives.

When cooking we make use of chemistry ideas

When washing we make use of chemistry ideas

By breathing, we are using chemistry concept

This list can run endlessly.

So you can now see how important chemistry is. Studying chemistry needs time because chemistry is a broad course which requires attention and submission. Here we have some ten useful tips on how to succeed in chemistry from our experts who’s had a pretty much experience in the field. Here is a list of keys to follow.

* Make a decision

* Set a goal

* Get a comfortable study routine

* Repeat the study method till you are used to it

* Remain focused

* Use all resources you have got

* Study according to your syllabus

* Solve past questions

* Organize question and answer competitions

* Teach chemistry

Make a decision

Without making up your mind on something you will like to engage in, you may never get it right. Chemistry is one course which needs decision making. However, deciding to study chemistry, your mind would have been programmed to face any challenges that come your way while studying the course.

Set a goal

Goal setting is all about giving yourself targets. It is about telling yourself what you should achieve within a given time. Against all the odds and circumstances, you should reach the objective you have set.

For example, you might have a difficult time knowing the periodic table and how they are arranged from hydrogen to calcium. You could give yourself the task of mastering the table before the next chemistry class. With this, you will archive your goal.

Get a comfortable study routine

You should pay attention to yourself and discover what works for you. Studying while listening to music may work for boy A, but it may not work for boy B. Know the best time and the best place your body assimilates and make sure you always yield to it.

Repeat the study routine

Here there is nothing much to emphasize on. Always repeat your study routine and make your mind get used to it

Remain focused

No matter what, you should always stay focused. Destructions will come for sure. Eg football playing, movies, opposite sex and on. Let your mind know that there is time for everything. NEVER compromise your study time no matter what. With this mindset, you will remain focused.

Use all resources you have got

Use everything at your disposal to study. Use a broad range of books, dont stick to only one author, use different authors, by doing that you are widening your mind. Use the internet; you will find many useful contents on chemistry on the net.

Study according to your syllabus

By studying according to your curriculum, you would rest assured that your exams will be all about what you have studied. Studying outside the program is good too because it widens your knowledge. However, make sure you study within your syllabus first before studying outside it.

Solve past questions

The significance of previous issues cannot be overemphasized. Examiners tend to repeat past issues, though not directly but indirectly. So if you have been solving past problems, you are only one step away to get an A.

Organize competition among your friends( ask questions and answer questions)

This idea is coming directly from the desk of A level chemistry tuition experts. It has been proven to be effective. After studying, gather your friend who does chemistry too and organizes a question and answer competition. By this, you would increase your knowledge.

Teach chemistry

By teaching chemistry, you will have a full level of confidence. When you teach chemistry, you will be faced with questions you are not familiar with, and this will prompt you to study more and increase your knowledge.


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