by Isaiah Garcia | 6:45 pm

An on-going report of a volunteer fire fighter’s training in British Columbia, Canada

Tonight’s practice… wasn’t. We washed the equipment instead (it really needed it), but even so, I still ended up on a hose! I was in charge of the reel line off the engine to hose everything down (didn’t start a water fight, I was a good girl!).

It was the first time that I had a chance to work with the reel line and the pistol grip on the nozzle — I like it! (I wish every inch and a half nozzle had a pistol grip.)

The washing went without a hitch, and after everything was clean, we got out the chairs to watch a video on staging and equipment placement at difficult to get to fire scenes. I have to admit that most of the terms used went over my head but it was very interesting just the same.

No bruises this time!



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