by Isaiah Garcia | 6:41 pm

An on-going report of a volunteer fire fighter’s training in British Columbia, Canada

Why would a 31 year old, full figured, married, mother of two want to join a volunteer fire hall, you may ask. Well, “It’s in my blood”, is the only explanation that I can give. One of my uncles served with Station #2 in Kelowna, B.C. for many years before retiring, and another uncle is a Paramedic.

I married a volunteer fire fighter and for years watched in envy as he went off to practise every Monday night, and would listen intently to his stories when he returned from a rescue or a fire. I wanted to join the department for many years, but could not justify them spending the money and time to train me, when I could never respond to a call out. We have two young children, so we both cannot leave at the same time.

My husband suggested a few weeks ago that I join now, and start training for the fall, when I can respond to day call outs. Both of our children will be in school all day, and I am a stay-at-home mom, so I am available during the day. I was so excited! I started calling around for a steady baby-sitter (hard to come by out here) and got one on the first call I made. I was going to fire practice!



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