by Isaiah Garcia | 1:40 am

Many people are concerned about taking the paternity tests since they are concerned about the information leaking out. Taking these <dna tests> can be very stressful since the information is sometimes life-changing and hence, utmost privacy is required.

DNA testing at Mapmygene guarantees privacy when you do a test with us. Also, we do tests for health management, prediction for your future offspring, prevention against diseases, and allow you monetary savings in the long run. You should check out the tests they offer.

So, when taking paternity tests with us, should you really be concerned? Here, we have answered some common questions that bother the clients:

How, as a company, do you help protect my paternity test privacy?

As a company, we follow a strict confidentiality rule that keeps all the information related to our clients safe. All of our employees, who work in the paternity test department, whether it’s for our home kit, legal dna testing, or non-invasive prenatal parental testing, are all well-trained and certified. We have a reputation for maintaining high degrees of customer confidentiality and privacy.

Can my online account be accessed by anyone else?

When you fill out the paperwork, you give an email address for your account as well as help it secure with your chosen password. Unless you choose to share these information with anyone, no one can access your online account and you can be sure that all your information is safe.

Can special instructions be given to you regarding the sharing of my information?

Yes, you can give us special instructions regarding the sharing of the information about your paternity tests. If you want us to contact you via your email, we can do so. If you prefer texts or calls over emails, we will be happy to act accordingly. We try our best to make sure that we communication all information on time, while also keeping in mind your comfort and privacy.

What would you do if somebody else calls up to ask about my case?

When we get such calls regarding the case, we generally ask three specific pieces of information. If the caller is satisfactorily able to provide us with all these required pieces of information, we let them know about the case. However, if the caller is unable to give us answers, we do not entertain them anymore. We take your privacy very seriously and we do not let the trust you have in us break.

Do you sell DNA profiles to other companies?

No, we never sell the DNA profiles that we have to other companies. These are private things and have been entrusted upon us; we do not get into these things.


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