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How Does the Magnetic Therapy Function?

The use of magnets by people for their healing attributes is not a new phenomenon. Today, an increasing number of people are choosing magnetic therapy for handling their discomfort and pain. Whenever a human body comes into close contact with a magnet, the later promotes blood circulation. Your body�s increased blood flow leads to proper channelization of useful nutrients within as well as for flushing out contaminants and toxins. Plus, one of the key advantages of this therapy is that there are no reported side-effects.

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How does the therapy work?

The therapy takes help of static magnets. Such magnets are characterized by a consistent and steady magnetic field. Practitioners typically use magnets of low-power to cure pain and injuries and slowly switch over to high-power magnets, based on the requirements of patients.
You must be aware that there are 2 sides in a magnet: positive and negative. A magnet�s negative end is known as the North Pole. The end possesses a sedating and cooling impact. Hence, it is frequently used for lowering inflammation and pain. On the other hand, the other end of a magnet is known as the South Pole. It has a complete reverse effect on a body since there is a tendency to stimulate viruses and bacteria. Typically, the South Pole is used in the treatment of conditions like scarring, weak muscles, and numbness.

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Here are some common uses of magnets:

For reducing swellings

Ice packs and compression packs are frequently used for bruises, bumps, and sprains. However, studies have revealed that the effectiveness of the magnets is much higher as compared to the former since they can promote relaxation of blood vessels and increase in blood flow. Wounds can heal faster with magnets and patients can instantly feel less pain.

Providing relief from pain naturally

Research works and studies have revealed the effectiveness of magnets in pain relief as they can stimulate the ion channels of a human body that can either block or reduce nerve pain signals.

Faster healing post-surgery or injury

While there is no doubt that heat and ice help in healing injured areas and relieving pain, the time duration to feel the benefits is considerably more. On the other hand, a magnet offers the same merits as heat and ice but starts showing results much faster.

In conclusion, magnet therapy might not be for everyone but you will not know until you give it a try. If it does work for you, then you can sit back and enjoy your new found painless life.


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